Terms & Conditions:

  1. Payment will be made as per the details given in the above table. (If you find any discrepancy in it, please inform the related project manager, and get yourself issued a correct PO before starting the work).
  2. The payment is usually made within 45 days from the date of receiving the invoice from you. However, in some cases, it may go up to 100 days. We regret such delay when and if it happens and thank you for your cooperation and patience on such unsolicited occasions.
  3. Once you finish the work, you are requested to send your invoice to the account person at info@languagedaddy.com, CCing, the related project manager.
  4. Your invoice must mention all the related details given in the above table, including our PO No. An invoice without proper information and PO No. may remain pending approval. If you need an invoice template, you may ask the project manager/account person to send you the same.
  5. We pay through Internet Banking (preferable) or cheque – to vendors based in India; and to vendors outside India, we pay through Wire-transfer (SWIFT),
  6. Paypal, or Skrill (subject to availability in the paying country). Please mention your preferred method of payment, along with the relevant account details in your invoices for fast & smooth payment.
  7. For Indian citizens: payment is subject to TDS deduction at the rate of prevailing Indian Govt. Income Tax Act. It is only applicable if and once your invoices add up to, currently, ₹30,000 or above in a financial year (1st April to 31st March). Do provide and mention your Contact details & PAN No. in your invoices.
  8. Payments are made for error-free quality services and timely deliveries. A substandard and/or delayed work may attract: delayed or no payment, penalty, or even a
  9. lawsuit. Any correction & proofreading, if required, later, any correction & proofreading must be done on priority and considered part of the above job.
  10. This job, being assigned to you, must be done by you & you alone (until and unless agreed otherwise explicitly). Subletting or parting the work with someone else without signing a written agreement with us is strictly prohibited. Doing such may attract cancellation of the PO, penalty, or even lawsuit by us and/or our client.
  11. All the contents you provide must be deleted once the work is done and payment is made. Any retention and/or use of the source or translated content, for whatsoever reason, may attract stringent legal actions by us as well as by our clients.
  12. Accepting this PO means you accept the above terms. All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction, India only.
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